Schellinger Storage Technology

Optimum storage solution

Schellinger Storage Technology

Store your pellets where it is optimum for you: this is whether it is in a separate storage room, in the cellar, in the fabric tank, in the boiler room used for various purposes, next to the bicycles and heating boiler, or buried in the garden. The Mole storage technology brings its benefits anywhere you use it.

The pellet extraction from top to bottom makes it possible

The Mole system is based on the active principle. The pellets are extracted from above and transported into the supply tank of the heating boiler. The extraction from above means there is no need for outlet slopes.
That creates up to 50% more storage space.

For example, if you have an area of 2.5 m x 2.5 m available, you can store over 7 tonnes of wooden pellets with the mole tank. A normal ready-made tank only provides space for 4.5 tonnes.

Mole Storage Technology – Your Pellets are Always Stored Optimally:

  • Independent: store your pellets where you want * Clever: up to 50% more space for your wooden pellets
  • Saves on Equipment: your wooden pellets are “moved minimally”, pellets are fine particles that are hardly segregated.
  • Simple: the system is fitted and ready-to-use with little effort and is always accessible.