Schellinger Storage Technology

Creates a tidy space

The Active Principle

The claw on the mole: It works from top to bottom. This is a principle with considerable advantages.

Passiv vs. Active
Passive storage techniques are based on gravity. There, the pellets slide passively to the place of extraction at the lowest point. That stresses them mechanically and causes losses due to abrasion.

Moreover, each passive system needs outlet slopes and thus a large amount of storage space is needed for it. Consequently, particularly small rooms become even smaller.

The mole system moves actively. It moves the banks away, gets into every corner of the store and empties it systematically from top to bottom. That effectively saves space and also protects the quality of the pellets. Read more about the advantages of this “active principle.

The mole system is patented throughout Europe. It is suitable for all wooden pellet heating systems with an intake system.