Schellinger Storage Technology

Universal pellet storage technology

The Advantages

Can be used universally: whether in the mole tank, the prepared cellar room or the underground storage area – The mole system proves its worth anywhere it is used. It is suitable for all leading pellet heating boilers with an intake system:

Saves Space
The solar pellet mole does not need any outlet slopes. This storage technique gives you up to 50% more useful volume for your pellets compared with other extraction systems. Furthermore, you can use rooms up to a height of 1.80 m as stores.


Protects Material
The mole removes the pellets in a particularly material-protecting way. In the extraction from above, the pellet supply is only moved slightly, pellets and fine proportions being barely segregated. This effectively avoids disruptions to the supply system or to combustion.

With the mole you get more from every storage room. This is because the useful volume increases - this means you store this same supply quantity on a smaller floor area. In this way, additional space is available, and the costs of your pellet store are lower.

Easy to Assemble, Low Maintenance
The mole is assembled ready to operate in a short period of time. Due to its construction, maintenance is extremely low. For servicing, it can be removed simply from the storage room. That saves time and money.