Mole Tank

Optimum use of space guaranteed

Mole Tank

The mole tank is a complete, ready-made store including filling technique and solar pellet mole extraction system. It is the pellet storage system with the highest degree of use of space of all storage tanks. The optimum use of space of your pellet store is only one of the many advantages of this patented flat-floored silo.

Area of Application:

  • Rooms with a floor area from 199 cm x 199 cm
  • Stores with a room height from 1.80 m
  • Store sizes up to 7.2 t filling capacity
  • Boiler powers up to 25 kW

The Mole Tank is available in the following sizes:

Mool Tank Small Medium Large
Filling capacity 3,7 t 5,0 t 6,5 t
Floor area 1,89 m x 1,89 m 2,17 m x 2,17 m 2,48 m x 2,48 m
Standard high 2,05 m 2,05 m 2,05 m

Scope of delivery:

  • Sun Pellet Mole Classic
  • 2 double-wire clamps and 1 hose strip for the hose attachment
  • Special fabric (antistatic, dust-proof, permeable to air) with revision or installation opening, waterproof base and
    impact protection fabric in the supply air area.
  • Frame (simple bolt-together system), delivered on a Euro pallet (80 cm x 120 cm)
  • Refilling System DN 100 with Storz-A-coupling (no suction necessary)
  • Complete set of small parts and mounting accessories

The Mole Tank can be extended at any time by the manual lifting tool or the comfort module .