Pellet Mole E3

For large stores in any spatial shape

Pellet Mole E3

Up to 50 percent increased filling capacity for large stores! The Pellet Mole E3 provides very flexible storage options for large pellet systems, e.g. in multiple occupancy houses, industrial plants and in small local heating networks. It makes slopes a thing of the past and thus uses the available storage area to a maximum.

Controlled by a sensor-based intelligent control system, the E3 moves in a deliberate fashion over the pellets. Three drive rollers arranged in a star pattern clear the pellet supply in a controlled way, until the store is completely empty.

Makes every room usable as a pellet store:

  • Stores of various room shapes: round, square, rectangular or asymmetrical
  • Store sizes of between 15 and 50 t filling capacity
  • Storage spaces with an area up to 36 m² or volume of up to 90m³
  • Boiler powers of 40 to 300 kW

The pellet mole E3 empties large pellet stores on the basis of the proven extraction principle “from above”. Compatible with every effective wooden pellet intake system, it is unbeatably
flexible to use. Also, due to the high pellet throughput, the intake time is considerably shorter.

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