Heat from nature

Quality is no accident. Quality is the result of skill and a passion for the product. Our years of experience in the field is how we can offer our customers a product of unbeatable quality.

Sonnen-Pellets ® above standard quality

elaborate production processes and excellent raw materials are the key to the high quality of our Sonnen-Pellets; quality that exceeds the standards set by the ENplus standard with advantages for our customers in terms of quality and price.

Here are the qualitative characteristics that you can fell directly in your boiler:

Qualitative characteristics of Sonnen-Pellets
ENplus DINplus Sonnen-Pellets®
Calorific value ≥ 4,6 kWh/kg 5,0 kWh/kg
Residual moisture ≤ 10% < 10% < 7,0 %
Ash level ≤ 0,7% < 0,5% < 0,3%
Abrasion resistance < 2,3% < 2,3% < 1,5%
Diameter 6mm (+-1) 6mm 6mm (+-1)

High quality raw materials: Fresh wood without brak

The quality of the fuel is closely connected to the quality of the raw materials. Sonnen-Pellets ® are produced directly in the sawmill, a place where the best raw materials are always available.

Our pellets are exclusively made from bark-free coniferous wood. The sawdust is put into the pellet production line as soon as it exits the cutting line, a real guarantee of quality for Sonnen-Pellets. in fact, by processing the “fresh” product, we preserve its maximum heating value.

Transparency: Traceable and regional

All production processes – from harvesting the trees in the woods, processing the lumber and making the pellets, through to the delivery of the finished product – are perfectly traceable an controllable. Our wood comes exclusively from local woods and sustainable silviculture.